What do you think when you hear the words ‘sponsor child’? I bet it isn’t this.

Julie meeting mums and bubs

What comes to mind when you hear (or read) the words ‘sponsor a child’? Is it sad music? A shot of wide eyed children staring meekly at you through your television screen? Are you flooded with guilt that UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING, THESE KIDS WILL STARVE?

Yeah, me too. And that’s why it’s so refreshing to talk about sponsoring children in a way that is, well, positive. It seems like there’s enough terrible things happening around the world that when we see something joyful, we should celebrate it. Continue reading at Mamamia.


Australia Day 2013


urlWow. It was only when I sat down and actually thought about this upcoming Australia Day, and where I was at the same time last year did I realise how much had changed.

Last Australia Day, I was barely two months into my London life. With an empty house (everyone had escaped winter for, well, Australia), I rounded up a couple Aussie mates and headed to Elk Bar in Fulham. As Australia Day’s go, it was brilliant: Bundy rum was on special, the place was decked in green and gold, and everyone was there to have a good time. It felt like finding a second family of long lost relatives, and a hundred drunk Aussies belting out John Farnham’s ‘Your the Voice’ was nothing short of epic. That night I ran into a couple mates from home, and when I grew tired of waiting for drinks and tried to sneak behind the bar, no one kicked me out – I just got served. Continue reading

Thoughts on a year in London.

Last week marked a year to the day that I packed my backpack and moved to London. A year to the day when my best friend met me at Heathrow airport with an Oyster card in hand and went ‘Here. You’ll get used to it.’

What struck me as odd and unusual is now part of the everyday. What once stood out has now blended into the background, propped up somewhere between my lost keys and last night’s wineglass. I thought I would take the time to reflect on the oddities that make London and Londoners unique. Continue reading

Budapest: Do, See, Eat, Drink, Party.


Budapest, sliced by the Danube River, is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Buildings from another era surround the tree lined streets, and on every corner is another excellent bar to sit in the sunshine, have a drink, and watch the world go by. Continue reading