Short & Sweet // Feminist Taylor Swift

Feminist Taylor Swift

A Twitter account popped up four days ago that appropriates Taylor Swift lyrics and gives them a feminist message.

Yes. YES! This is why the internet was invented – to spread amazing ideas. And telling a whole generation of young girls that men and women are equals, only “yes” means consent and to stand up for what you believe in? Amazing.

The Twitter account already has 50,000 followers. And judging by the ridiculous amount of trending topics about Justin Beiber and One Direction, I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter is 5% celebrity, 3% businesses and 90% teenage girls.

(The other 2% is normal people like you and me. *cough cough*)

So maybe these teenage girls will start to get a taste of feminism young. When I was a teenager I thought feminism was all about butch lesbians in the 70s who didn’t shave their armpits. Like, gross.

Here’s a selection of the best ones:

T Swift 1T Swift 6T Swift 5T Swift 4T Swift 3T Swift 2

All I can say is, for the love of god KEEP THEM COMING! And also that whoever you are, love your work.

I wonder what T Swift thinks about it?


Short & Sweet // Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) reacts to Game of Thrones.

Out of all the reactions circulating on the interwebs, this has to be the best one.

Maisie Williams reacts to The Red Wedding.

Let it be that tiny ray of joy to clutch you from your eternal dispair and you stop weeping tears of Stark blood.

As a massive nerd avid book reader, I knew what to expect. Except, of course, for the horrible anguish torment of a moment when Tulisa’s womb is stabbed KILLING YOUNG FETUS STARK.

Well, great. G.R.R. Martin, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be listening to the Rains of Castamere until the shaking stops.

Short & Sweet // Game of Thrones 1995

Holy crapballs Batman, I seriously cannot wait until Game of Thrones begins. As an avid bookworm I have already read the accompanying books (until I lost Book 3 Part II in Singapore airport) and there is so much stuff I’m not sure I can even handle seeing. The Red Wedding? Anyone?

You’ll get there. Trust me.

In celebration of it coming out so soon, here is a look at what Game of Thrones might have been if it was made back in 1995. Cue awesome power song and terrible fonts. It’s like they’d never even heard of Typography or something.

It might be infinitely worse than today’s standards, but I dunno… I kinda wish I could see an episode for giggles.

What do you think? Would you have watched it?