INTERVIEW // The Boy With Tape On His Face


Sam Wills is The Boy With Tape On His Face, a Kiwi comedian who is like nothing else. A mime with noise, or stand up with no talking? The Boy must be seen to be believed. We don’t want to give away too much about his show, but it’s safe to say this comedian will have you in stitches – without uttering a word. Australian Times caught up with Sam to discuss the man behind the tape, the joy of audience participation, and his speedy rise on the comedy circuit to become the must-see London act this Christmas. Continue reading


REVIEW // Ordinary Darkness (is totally out of the ordinary)


Does an individual have the power to change the world? Or are we incapable of changing even ourselves?

These are the questions posed to the audience in Ordinary Darkness, a funny yet poignant new play from New Zealand-born Sarah Robertson and directed by Stella Duffy.

Four characters – a dreamer, a schemer, a player and a banker – are thrown together in a party (of sorts) at a derelict mansion where three of the characters are squatting. Can you guess who doesn’t live there? If you selected anyone other than ‘the banker’, I’m afraid you’ve lost this round. Continue reading

Down the rabbit hole at the Beefeater Bartender Grand Finals


“Shake the dice, and let me take you down the rabbit hole,” he says, offering me the dice with a cheeky grin.

We’re at the Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition Grand Final, and ‘he’ is Gregory Ian Sanderson, the Australian finalist competing in this cocktail-making event. Before me is an Alice in Wonderland-themed display of gin, perfume bottles, exotic-looking ingredients, a melting clock and a backgammon board that would make any Lewis Carroll fan proud.

Taking centre stage, however, is the reason I’m here tonight: several shot glasses are filled with the cocktail concoction that won Sanderson, from Eau-de-Vie bar in Melbourne, a place at the finals here in London. Continue reading

INTERVIEW // An Australian Musician with a ‘Heart of Gold’

I had the good fortune to meet Telen Rodwell, an Australian musician/film maker/general-all-round awesome person who is about to release his first album. We met at the Renaissance Hotel in King’s Cross, and I squealed like a little girl when I realised the lobby was used for a couple scenes in Harry Potter. This was also my first in-person interview, and after having a mild panic attack at the thought of, you know, actually conducting an interview in person, I downloaded three voice recorder apps. This article originally appeared in The Australian Times. Continue reading

Australia Day 2013


urlWow. It was only when I sat down and actually thought about this upcoming Australia Day, and where I was at the same time last year did I realise how much had changed.

Last Australia Day, I was barely two months into my London life. With an empty house (everyone had escaped winter for, well, Australia), I rounded up a couple Aussie mates and headed to Elk Bar in Fulham. As Australia Day’s go, it was brilliant: Bundy rum was on special, the place was decked in green and gold, and everyone was there to have a good time. It felt like finding a second family of long lost relatives, and a hundred drunk Aussies belting out John Farnham’s ‘Your the Voice’ was nothing short of epic. That night I ran into a couple mates from home, and when I grew tired of waiting for drinks and tried to sneak behind the bar, no one kicked me out – I just got served. Continue reading

An open letter to the bringers of Christmas

SnowmanDear all the bringers of Christmas,

I’m sorry Santa, but this one isn’t for you. We had our fun, but it’s all been downhill since my fifth Christmas, when the toys I found in the closet appeared in my sisters stocking. Ad Santa, you don’t deliver your Christmas presents three weeks early to the parents, do you? I knew my Mum was lying. Continue reading