Papi Chulo’s, Manly

So much more than a name. Here’s why Papi Chulo is worth all the fuss.

When Merivale announced they were opening up digs in Manly, there was a to-be-expected media frenzy. Everyone wanted to know the look, the inspiration, the menu, the drinks, how to get home if they didn’t actually live in Manly (hint: the ferry).

Perhaps they should have been asking what Papi Chulo meant. It might have given them a few clues over what to expect.

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Why does every celebrity interview ever feel the need to include this?

Gwyneth cooking

Is there some cosmic law that says bad words aren’t allowed to be written about Gwyneth Paltrow? Like, if I was to mention her name and put it next to words that were anything less than absolutely gushingly in awe of the ‘refreshing normal’ super freak, will some all-powerful deity come down and smite me?

No? Are you sure? Then how can you explain THIS opening paragraph of a feature article about Gwyneth Paltrow, who is quite possibly the healthiest person on the planet and therefore the best looking 40-year-old you’ll ever see: Continue reading

Down the rabbit hole at the Beefeater Bartender Grand Finals


“Shake the dice, and let me take you down the rabbit hole,” he says, offering me the dice with a cheeky grin.

We’re at the Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition Grand Final, and ‘he’ is Gregory Ian Sanderson, the Australian finalist competing in this cocktail-making event. Before me is an Alice in Wonderland-themed display of gin, perfume bottles, exotic-looking ingredients, a melting clock and a backgammon board that would make any Lewis Carroll fan proud.

Taking centre stage, however, is the reason I’m here tonight: several shot glasses are filled with the cocktail concoction that won Sanderson, from Eau-de-Vie bar in Melbourne, a place at the finals here in London. Continue reading