About Me

Hello, how lovely to meet you.

My name is Alex and welcome to my blog. Here you will find a mixed bag of my thoughts on life, culture, travel, fashion and relationships, with a few published articles thrown in there to keep you guessing.

To give you a bit of context: I’m a 23-year-old Aussie-Brit mongrel currently based in Sydney, Australia. I’m studying a Masters of Journalism at UTS, interning at Mamamia.com.au, and generally trying to figure out my life five steps ahead.

Why is this blog called The Skeleton Scribble?

It all started when I placed a picture of a skeleton writing on a wall. Then, as good ideas usually do, the name popped into my head and I haven’t been able to get it out since.

That particular skeleton image is now gone, but the name stuck around. You can take it any way you wish – an allude to death? The bones of the matter with the flesh to come? – but for now, I simply like the name. I’ll be writing a post on skeletons and how they inspire me, but for now you can expect to see a cheeky skull pop up from time to time.

But, like, who are you?

I have absolutely no idea. However, if you scroll down, I’ve clunked together a list of adjectives that may give you some idea. Or it might be completely inane and useless. I guess I shall never know.

A Pisces
A snowboarder
A lover of tea and tea cups
A collector of experiences
Often confused about the absurdities of life

Festivals & Music
Postcards & Travelling
Typography & Grammar
People with obscure life dreams
Skeletons & Art pertaining to the subject of Death
Dressing Up

To start at the bottom of South America and work my way north, any means how.
To visit Japan. And Egypt. And Russia. And India. And so many places still.
To become a runner-type person.
To work in magazines.
To live in New York
To take beautiful photographs
To learn to use a sowing machine
To learn

Being stylish
Keeping my temper
Going to bed early
Government websites
Dealing with spiders

Anyone who has never read Harry Potter
Anyone who thinks reading is lame
People who do not wave when I let them into my lane
Ryan Reynolds. I just don’t see the attraction.
Small spaces
Anyone who does not proclaim to be a feminist on the basis that ‘they’re a bit negative’.

Sometimes I look at the stars and wonder if there’s any point to any of this, and if anyone’s looking back, and how absurd it is that a dinosaur once roamed where I’m currently lying, and wondering what Earth will be like in 5,000 years and how annoyed I am that I won’t be around to find out. Then I role over and put on an episode of Community.

Little Alex


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi ,am totally impressed by your blog!! I just signed up with my blog so basically am a newbie and your’s is the first blog am following,love your designs and articulation!! will keep following.. 🙂

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