Snapchat Leaked. Okay, we’ve officially gone too far.

Sexters everywhere got a nasty shock when it was revealed two weeks ago that Snapchat doesn’t completely delete your photos  – they can be restored using forensic software.

Snapchat logoFor those of you who don’t know about Snapchat, it’s an app that allows you to send pictures to your mates that self-destruct within a limited number of seconds. While the creators touted it as a way to “share moments with friends” that you might not want to be permanently recorded (say, an ugly selfie), everybody else saw it as guilt free sexting.

The premise is simple: take a naughty picture, send it to the lucky recipient, and they only get to keep it for a few seconds. Unless they take a screenshot (which would cause a notification to pop up on your phone) there’s no danger it would end up on the internet somewhere for all to see.

Until now.

A Facebook group entitled ‘Snapchat Leaked’ has popped up and accrued nearly 500,000 likes in its first day.

Snapchat leaked

As I’m looking at it now, there’s literally only nine images on there – and seven of them are of a sexual nature. (The other’s consist of a girl sitting on the toilet and a man with the caption “‘Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife…’ #rapist”.) Nipples and penises are covered with a suitably sized Snapchat logo. Their faces are left for all the world to see.

Seriously, this has gone too far. While yes, all of these people were responsible for taking and distributing the images, they were not meant FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE. Some unknown outside party has hacked in and taken your images. Who are you supposed to direct your anger towards? The person you sent the images to? Yourself? Every single person who has liked the photo?

One of the images features a girl, clearly just having woken up, taking a selfie with a sleeping man beside her. The caption reads: “Dying, who’s this chap?!”. The photo has almost 10,000 likes and all sorts of comments on the ‘girls shouldn’t be sluts who have one night stands’ line. (And now we’re in to a whole other issue. One for another day.)

All is not what it may seem.

Facebook user Emma Daly commented on the photo, saying:

“That girl is my best friend and the guy in the pic is also our friend, it was not a one night stand; they didn’t have sex it was a joke! Bit of snapchat banter 🙂 people really need to relax!”

So. That clears that up then. But what about the friends of friends who see this photo? What about the work colleagues? Her face is in full show; anyone who knows this girl would have no time recognising her.

This was clearly a joke between friends, and now it has gone viral. If this photo was uploaded to Facebook, well, that might be another story. But this in the context of Snapchat you immediately jump to the conclusion that this was a one night stand where the girl was extremely drunk. Only people who had bothered to read the comments might realise that this wasn’t the case.

And don’t even get me started on the topless pics. It doesn’t matter that their faces aren’t showing, this is not the point! If I had sent a topless photo to a bloke in what is arguably the safest way possible to do so, and it ended up on the internet, I would be mortified. No one would know it was me (well, except ex boyfriends and anyone who was there that time I lost my bikini top at the beach), but I would know it was me.

The name and shame aspect of this Facebook group is what really irks me. These people didn’t do anything to deserve this. If we ridiculed every person on the planet who’d ever sent a naughty photo, we’d literally be laughing at everyone.

Yet these people are singled out and made to feel ashamed of what was meant in harmless fun.

Seriously. Grow up, Facebook.

Update: Facebook removed the group about 24 hours after it first appeared. And then another popped up, and they removed that too. It’s still going.


What are your thoughts?

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