Why nobody cares that Cara Delevingne was caught with cocaine.

Goofy Face

Oh, Cara, you saucy little minx you. Miss Delevingne was caught by the paparazzi two weeks ago dropping a ‘packet of mysterious white powder’ outside her Belgravia home.

The giggling Victoria’s Secret model and current face of H&M tried to discreetly cover it with her foot, but London paparazzi caught the moment the (almost empty) packet went flying from her hands on camera.

And then, everybody kind of… forgot about it.

When a certain other Brit super model was caught with cocaine back in 2005, the tabloids had a field day. Kate Moss – who at the time was also the face of H&M – was swiftly dropped by the brand and later made a public apology to “all the people I have let down.”

So why didn’t the same media storm follow Cara?

Cara Instagram

The bisexual babe released this photo on Instagram of her locking lips with equally stunning Sienna Miller, and the internet went bonkers.

Nobody was talking about the drugs. They were far more interested in a little lady on lady action.

It’s a move than even Business Insider called “brilliant”.

Making out with an amazingly sexual babe and Instagramming it to deflect from a bit of bad press has to the most badass way to cover up a scandal to date.

The kiss that I’m tentatively calling the kiss of 2013 occurred at last week’s Met Ball, otherwise known as Anna Wintour’s Cool Kids Club.

In case you’ve been living under a fashion rock, the Met Ball is like the Oscars of fashion. This year’s theme was ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture”, and the beautiful people of Hollywood took to the theme with varying degrees of success (See: Kim Kardashian.)

Every celebrity media hub and blogger worth their salt hones in on the Met Ball like grammar nazis to a YouTube comment section. This means that a) there’s no way a kiss like this would be missed, and b) the Met Ball provides a nice little distraction from pesky things like drugs and butter fingers.

Abbey LeeAs it turned out, Cara’s kiss was second most punk thing to happen all night, trumped only by Abbey Lee Kershaw flashing the cameras in support of gun control.

A spokesman for H&M told The Daily Mail that “Our team will evaluate the evidence over the next few days. If the story is true, then we will take action.” As of yet, they haven’t done a thing.

Even if she is dropped from the brand, history shows that it almost certainly won’t be the end of Cara Delevingne. Kate Moss’s agent Sarah Doukas says that the 2005 cocaine scandal that rocked Miss Moss’s career actually caused the model’s earnings to increase over time.

It just goes to show that people will forgive you anything if you’re beautiful enough.

Cara Met Ball

This is what Cara wore to the Met Ball. I would have made out with her too given the chance.

What do you think of the whole situation? Do you think she should be punished or are people making a big deal over nothing?

Image Credits

Image 1: Huck Magazine

Image 2: Cara Delevingne’s Instagram

Image 3: Just Jared

Image 4: Huffington Post


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