Short & Sweet // Game of Thrones 1995

Holy crapballs Batman, I seriously cannot wait until Game of Thrones begins. As an avid bookworm I have already read the accompanying books (until I lost Book 3 Part II in Singapore airport) and there is so much stuff I’m not sure I can even handle seeing. The Red Wedding? Anyone?

You’ll get there. Trust me.

In celebration of it coming out so soon, here is a look at what Game of Thrones might have been if it was made back in 1995. Cue awesome power song and terrible fonts. It’s like they’d never even heard of Typography or something.

It might be infinitely worse than today’s standards, but I dunno… I kinda wish I could see an episode for giggles.

What do you think? Would you have watched it? 


What are your thoughts?

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