How to be a terrible blogger.

Sometimes, blogging is like exercise. I know I really should get on and do something, but somewhere in between shopping for presents, Christmas parties, and trying to eat at least ONE vegetable a day that isn’t baked beans, I decided that sleep was more important.

(Besides, shopping IS exercise. Have you seen the length of Oxford St?)

Christmas isn’t the only excuse for letting this blog fall into the recesses of nothingness. Here are my other completely legit excuses as to why I have posted exactly nothing:

1. My laptop died.
After coming to the sad realisation that my laptop would cost more to fix than to simply replace, and that tablets were much cheaper than laptops, I bought an iPad. I had joined the new age of technology!!! Erm, not quite. Did you know it takes 20% more time to do simple tasks like edit a document on an iPad than a laptop? Did you know I make up statistics like it is going out of fashion? (It is.) Point being, it’s taken me a bit of time to come to grips with this fandangled piece of technology.

2. I got another job.
Well, not quite. I DID start contributing to the Australian Times, which is possibly the most exciting thing to happen to me journalism-wise yet. (Did I tell you I’m going to study journalism next year in Sydney?!). I think to qualify as a ‘job’ you need to be ‘paid’, so let’s call this a hobby that means I get super excited about seeing my NAME in PRINT!!! I’ll start posting my published work on here in the next couple weeks.

3. I commute 15 hours per week.
‘AHA!’ I hear you say. Here is perfect writing time. Well, no. I spend most of it warring politely with fellow commuters about who is going to get a seat. Since most of them get off earlier than me, I feel the last seat is my entitled right, but as they don’t always agree I need to keep on my toes.
Sometimes I DO finish articles off on the tube, but do you know how awkward it is trying to write words that are mostly garbage when some nosey banker is reading over my shoulder?

4. I STILL work in a pub.
Despite working full time, and contributing, and commuting, and occasionally torturing myself, I still work in the pub on weekends. This is partly due to money, but I think more do to the fact that I can then ‘borrow’ things I need. Toilet paper, garbage bags, a smidgen of tomato juice… I have a nice collection of slightly chipped wine glasses at home, if you ever come round for dinner

5. I’m lazy.
All people are lazier than they’d like to admit. Quite frankly, some days (read: most days), I’d rather drink tea and watch friends with my flatmates than actually use my brain.

But I have missed WordPress! So hello lovely people who managed to read this far, I’ll be seeing you again soon.


What are your thoughts?

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