An open letter to the bringers of Christmas

SnowmanDear all the bringers of Christmas,

I’m sorry Santa, but this one isn’t for you. We had our fun, but it’s all been downhill since my fifth Christmas, when the toys I found in the closet appeared in my sisters stocking. Ad Santa, you don’t deliver your Christmas presents three weeks early to the parents, do you? I knew my Mum was lying.

No, this letter goes out to the bringers of Christmas as I know it in London. This is to walking down Oxford St (after the shops have closed) and admiring the lights. This it to the John Lewis snowman, the shop front presents-and-tree displays, to the mulled wine smell in every pub. This is to anyone who’s ever been ice skating, and to all the cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movies.

I just wanted to say cheers.

I know most of us roll our eyes when the first hints of Christmas marketing begin in October. Any other year, I’d be right there with you. The thing is, though – Christmas is supposed to be about family, and for us Australians, our families are pretty much as far away as you can get.

We Aussies are pretty good at sticking together. I mean, we’re so good at it that sometimes I wonder if we ever left home. The point is, you find your overseas family and you look after each other and at the end of the year you wake up on December 25th and somehow end up horrendously drunk before 11am.

It’s not a bad way to spend Christmas. It’s just not quite the same…

And that’s why this year I’m not ripping my eyes out in Grinch-like madness at the sight of tinsel, or suffering jaw-clenching induced migraines from multiple renditions of ‘Jingle Bells’.

It’s all the cheesy madness infused with British charm, the way Richard Curtis and Harry Potter taught me Christmas was supposed to be. It’s just comforting, you know? It’s like drinking tea and wearing trackies while a friend is cooking you something delicious.

So to all the bringers of a London Christmas – cheers. I like your style.



PS – I’m watching ‘Love Actually’ again, if you wanted any tips. Just sayin’.

Which of these ads do you prefer? The snowman is 2012, the boy is 2011. They are quite possibly my favourite ads of all time.


What are your thoughts?

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