An open letter to the bringers of Christmas

SnowmanDear all the bringers of Christmas,

I’m sorry Santa, but this one isn’t for you. We had our fun, but it’s all been downhill since my fifth Christmas, when the toys I found in the closet appeared in my sisters stocking. Ad Santa, you don’t deliver your Christmas presents three weeks early to the parents, do you? I knew my Mum was lying. Continue reading


How to be a terrible blogger.

Sometimes, blogging is like exercise. I know I really should get on and do something, but somewhere in between shopping for presents, Christmas parties, and trying to eat at least ONE vegetable a day that isn’t baked beans, I decided that sleep was more important.

(Besides, shopping IS exercise. Have you seen the length of Oxford St?)

Christmas isn’t the only excuse for letting this blog fall into the recesses of nothingness. Here are my other completely legit excuses as to why I have posted exactly nothing: Continue reading