A date with London: the four month bucket list

Several months ago, I decided that the Next Big Chapter in my life was to study Journalism, and one day become an awesome, kick-ass journalist. I researched, I applied, I got my parents on board, and basically spent every waking minute grinning with the thought of going back to uni and becoming the nerd I wasn’t the first time round – the one who befriends the lecturers and who’s extra-curricular activities are more than ‘drinking’ and ‘dressing-up’.

There’s just one catch: in order to attend university, I have to leave London for my hometown of Sydney, Australia. In London, I work constantly to support myself, whereas in Sydney, I have my parents and a whole fridge full of food – and I’m allowed to eat all of it! At first the idea of moving home was exciting (my mates, the beach, a higher minimum wage…) but suddenly the date of departure is looming.

We’re already in mid-October. I plan to leave late January. And there’s so much in London that I still have left to do!

You always think you’ll have more time to get stuff done. You put off the big things so you can get all your washing done, catch up on Community, and have a drink and a giggle with your mates. And while I love doing all of that (even the washing), there’s stuff I’ll regret not doing if I left London tomorrow. Big stuff.

And so to calm myself, I’ve made a list. The things I meant to do and still haven’t gotten around to doing. And more importantly, will do.

The London Bucket List

  • Visit the Borough Food Markets
  • Visit St Paul’s Cathedral (Well, only if it’s free)
  • Go ice-skating
  • Make a short film (like, 30 seconds short if need be) depicting London.
  • Buy some film for my flatmate’s polaroid camera and snap away! I want some for my wall when I get home to Sydney.
  • Go to Fabric. Somehow, I still haven’t gotten round to it. Maybe it’s the ridiculous entry fee.
  • Go to Kew Gardens. This is literally a bike ride away and I still have no idea what it is. I mean, the garden bit is obvious, but it must be friggin special with the way people go on about it.
  • Go to Brighton. I know this isn’t strictly speaking London, but still – I’ve always wanted to go, and never had the time or money, or had more important places to travel to. Somehow, I will make it happen!
  • Go to the National Portrait Gallery.
  • See Wicked. (I’ve already ticked off the West End Show – Singing in the Rain was pure happiness.)
  • Wander around Chinatown.
  • Go to Brick Lane markets
  • Get a tattoo. I always said when I went traveling, I would get one. So no matter what, I would always look at it and smile and think of the memories.
  • Lose 5k. Sydney in January is in the heart of bikini season, and the English diet and weather have not been kind to my waistline!

Every week, or at least every two weeks, I’m going to take myself on a date around Londontown. I’m going to explore the city the way I did when I first moved here. And I’ll forever cherish the pieces of London I can take home.

Would you add anything unmissable? Do you have any regrets about this incredible city?


What are your thoughts?

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