An open letter to Halloween costumes of the female persuasion.

To the girls in the little skimpy costumes, shaking their well-defined booties, this isn’t for you. You keep shaking that awesome booty. Continue reading


Beers and Bubbles and Ghost Stories

Friday night. My flatmate Emma and I literally have £4.30 in 5p between us.

In the fridge, we have two beers and a bottle of bubbly left over from the happier days when money was not reduced to raping our respective coin jars (ie three days ago).

So we sat in the kitchen with the last of our booze, a shared pack of tobacco and YouTubed the soundtracks of Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

It was an awesome night.

Did you know that Wes Craven was inspired to create Nightmare On Elm Street after reading about a few guys who supposedly died from nightmares? Yeah, me neither. Supposedly he saw a couple stories in the paper, and NOBODY put two and two together and connected the stories. But what happened was this guy apparently was terrified of his nightmares. And everybody just said ‘Dude, it’s just a nightmare’ be he was going, ‘No, I’ve had nightmares before, AND THIS IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT.’ Continue reading

Thoughts on a year in London.

Last week marked a year to the day that I packed my backpack and moved to London. A year to the day when my best friend met me at Heathrow airport with an Oyster card in hand and went ‘Here. You’ll get used to it.’

What struck me as odd and unusual is now part of the everyday. What once stood out has now blended into the background, propped up somewhere between my lost keys and last night’s wineglass. I thought I would take the time to reflect on the oddities that make London and Londoners unique. Continue reading