5 Reasons why working in a London Pub means I should definitely win Nomadic Matt’s European Adventure.

There were two options, really, to go about entering Nomadic Matt’s contest to win a trip around Europe.

Option One: Tell you how much I love to travel, EXACTLY why I want to go to Prague, Budapest and Vienna, and how much you’ve inspired me, Matt, to get out there – book a hostel, turn up, and see what happens (because flattery can never hurt).

But that’s probably not very different from everybody else. So let’s go with Option Two.

Option Two: 5 Superbly Excellent Reasons Why Working In A London Pub Makes Me The Ideal Candidate For This Trip, Guvnor.

1. I can be on my feet for up to 12 hours at a time. That’s a lot of sight seeing. The more I walk, the more I’ll take in of every city. And then I might just stumble on that one little thing that no one knows, or that different take on a city so many people have already visited.

The most reliable, comfortable, kick ass shoes in the world.

2. I can deal with sticky situations, like explaining to a couple of love birds that no, they couldn’t have sex in the ladies. Or reuniting a baby left behind at his own Christening when the parents went out clubbing. Making quick decisions, relying on myself, and basically being adaptable means that I can handle the whole ‘traveling solo’ bit. In fact, I can’t wait.

3. I talk to people, all day, every day. Even the unfriendly ones. Sometimes they’re chatty, and sometimes you just need to fill the awkward silence while pulling a pint. After a few months of this, you become pretty adept at being friendly and drawing people out. How does this relate to travel? When it comes to finding new best friends for the day, hostels are pretty much king. When it comes to finding the true spirit of the city, who best to ask than the guy making your coffee, or the stranger you asked for directions?

4. I make minimum wage, and I live in London. So while I live to travel, I mostly work to live.

5. I live and work under the Heathrow flight path, and I love it. Whenever I hear another Boeing overhead, it means that someone up there is either heading off on a new adventure, or returning home from one. And I can think of no better feeling.

Can’t you tell it’s London?

So that’s it – my five reasons. I could probably give you a hundred more on why I need to win, but short n sweet means no bored contest-winner-deciders. So I’ll just end on this: I really really wanna win. Matt – I don’t think you’ll regret it. Also, you’re the cat’s pyjamas.


What are your thoughts?

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