An open letter to Twinings.

Dear Twinings,

I have been addicted to your Earl Grey Blend since the age of five. It has seen me through exams, heartbreak, and lazy Sunday mornings. However, I may soon have to switch to another brand.

In Australia, the Earl Grey tea packets come with a little piece of paper attached to dangle over the side of the cup. Since moving to London, I have noticed they do not. A trauma free cup of tea has become a thing of the past. Scolded fingers! Tea stains on my white counter! So many dirty spoons!

I am writing to ask you to please put the paper squares back on the Earl Grey, for the sake of my scalded fingers, and for all tea-drinking mankind.

Yours affectionately,



I sent this off to Twinings about a few days ago. Here’s the response I got:

“I am sorry to here about your issues with our UK format of teabags.”

So corporate. So humourless. And she spelt ‘hear’ wrong.


What are your thoughts?

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