The Postcard Conundrum.

I have a friend called Nat who is the postcard queen of Sydney. (That’s her with the short blonde hair.)

This girl loves to travel, and does so frequently. It would be easier to list the places she hasn’t been than the ones she has, and a better travel companion is hard to find. My bedroom is littered with her postcards from far off locations, and I love each and every one (plus, they look great on my wall).

There’s just one downside. Everytime I look at them, my strongest emotion? GUILT. (Quickly followed by envy. And then love.)

I mean, this girl has sent me dozens of postcards over the years. I could probably cover an entire section of wall with the postcards she’s sent me. And how many postcards have I ever sent her? One.

I always mean to send postcards. Really, I do. I buy them. I sometimes write them. Less frequently I buy stamps, and only very, very occasionally, do I send them. Why is this? Distraction from the city I am currently exploring? The difficulty in finding stamps? Pure laziness? One thing I do know is that postcards need to be sent immediately. As soon as I’ve moved on to another country, it feels silly to send the postcards from the old one. I mean, the STAMP would be from a different country than the POSTCARD, and then WHAT IS THE POINT!

Maybe it’s the banality of postcards in general. It’s so hard to find ones that I genuinely like. In my dream world, there would be vending machines everywhere. At these vending machines, you connect your camera (or iphone), print out your own photo (on durable, post-card quality material), complete with the postage needed to send it to your country of choice. You would then write on it (at the handy writing-stations-with-pens-attached nearby), and then drop it off in the perfectly positioned post-box next to it. Naturally, there would be a square postcard option for all those cutesy little Instagram photos you’ve taken.

I love receiving postcards. More than that, I love sending them off. I love knowing that in a week or two, my (very far away) friend will receive a little note and picture from me, and their day will be that little bit better. Who doesn’t love to receive snail mail that isn’t bills?

So here it is. I resolve to send more postcards in the future. I resolve to take the fifteen minutes to write them the same day I buy them. Probably.

I should also do something with the half written postcards in my room. Eventually.

The Instagram postcards I totally would have sent if my idea was reality.






3 thoughts on “The Postcard Conundrum.

  1. Haha, I loved the humor in certain parts and great story/analysis (don’t know what to call :D…wait no..It’s a BLOG! :D). You got a huge life ahead of you and you still have many years left so sure you can envy her but remember, you can make her envy you in the future too! …I already envy you haha :). Great photos too! Love to hear more!

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