Mumford & Sons, you make me crazy.

I love a little bit of Mumford & Sons, but their new music video made me want to throw my computer across the room. In fact, I almost did.

The new video clip ‘I Will Wait’ from the album ‘Babel’ (released September 24th 2012), was released three days ago.  I’d heard a little bit about it’s amazingness on the interwebs, so decided to check it out. They’re cute and folksy, what could go wrong?

The clip starts out looking down at a road, as if the camera is attached to the front of a car (which it probably is). You can’t see the horizon, it’s just tantalizingly out of reach.

20 seconds in, we’re still looking at the road. 30 seconds in. By 60 seconds I’m tearing my hair out WILLING the camera to pan up. To cut somewhere else. To show ANYTHING.

At this point I realise I have no idea what music is playing. I physically can’t focus on anything else except the damn camera. I skip ahead further in the song, just to reassure myself that you can see something, anything else.

The camera stays resolutely on the road for the entire song.

At this point I slam my computer shut and fling it away, but it is so physically painful to not be able to see, I can’t even have it near me.

I’m revisiting the song as I write this post, and it’s actually pretty good. And since it’s open in another window, it’s not making me stress out.

Well, only a little bit.

Have a watch and see what you think.


What are your thoughts?

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