Has there ever been a worse time to be an Australian in London?

Without exception, I am told on a daily basis by strangers, customers, and even distant family members:

“Oh, so Australia’s not doing that well then.”

The countless people are, of course, referring to Australia’s lower-than-standard medal count at the Olympics. In previous years we’ve dominated the pool, and racked up a proud number of medals elsewhere. This year, not so much.

I am proud to be an Australian. (Well, half an Australian.) I cheer when we’re doing well and grimace when we lose. Reminding me ten times a day that, oh yes, we’re not doing too well with those darn medals, stopped being funny last week. I’ve developed a twitch that springs into action whenever these words are spoken. I’m out of polite responses. I’ve no witty remarks left.

I’m not alone in this. It should be no secret there are thousands of Aussies in London, and, like birds of a feather, we flock together. Every Aussie I have spoken to is sick to death of hearing it.

Worse than those pesky Londoners, however, is the Australian media. Channel 9 has come under complaint for only showing sports Australia is doing well in, athletes are asked why they didn’t do better…. after receiving silver. I’m sorry, but when’s the last time you won an Olympic medal. IT’S HARD!  The athletes don’t get it any easier because we’ve done well in the past, and it definitely doesn’t mean they worked any less hard. They deserve our support regardless, because lets face it, they can do things with their bodies the rest of us can only dream of.

And maybe next time round, we’ll win a few more.


Photo taken from another article about the lack of medals.


What are your thoughts?

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