Just in time.


The English are a funny breed.

For the last six months, the papers (and the pub) have been full of endless whinging about the Olympics. From the budget, to the extra tourists, to entire road lanes being restricted to Olympic personal, there isn’t one area that hasn’t been exposed to scrutiny, and found to be lacking.

Last night, I heard the Olympic flame was coming past Barnes at 10am. Despite the late night before, I set my alarm, bullied my flatmate out of bed, grabbed a couple coffees, and headed down to the river.

It seemed that at the last minute, the British have rallied together. The river bank was lined with people, and dozens more surged in behind us. It may not have had a turn out as the Jubilee, but there was plenty to witness this historic moment. In typical English style, it bucketed down 20 minutes before the boats were due to pass. Rather than grumble off home, however, everyone got out their umbrellas (or huddled up closer), and braved the rain anyway.

We forgot umbrellas and got soaked to the skin. Oh well.

It all begins tonight!!!


Please note: this post originally appeared on my previous blog on Friday, 29 July – the day of the Opening Ceremony. 



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